FEDIORAM is an acronym for the Italian Federation of Amateur Orchestras.

FEDIORAM was founded in 2015 by the will of some Italian amateur orchestras to strengthen their collaboration in the name of non-Italian professional music.

FEDIORAM organize the annual Italian Festival of Amateur Orchestras, open to all the orchestras and musicians of Italy.

FEDIORAM unites amateur musicians and other types of non-professional orchestras that play classical music of all periods and genres: symphony orchestras, brass bands, fanfaras, wind orchestras and other specialized ensembles.

FEDIORAM promotes amateur music of all ages, with special emphasis on youth. It aims to facilitate contacts and cooperation between its members and the individual orchestras. It keeps a database of events and festivals.

FEDIORAM is representative of the Italian orchestras at the international federations EOFed (European Federation of Amateur Orchestras) and WFAO (World Federation of Amateur Orchestras).